Write to Your MP: Support for Palestine Will Effect Your Vote!

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The Cause

With the upcoming election, it is vital to influence MPs to adopt a stronger stance on Palestinian recognition and address recent actions in Rafah. Current policies fall short in addressing these critical issues, and your voice can make a difference.

Our Letters

Crafted by experts our unique letters are personalised using AI, each letter sent is unique making them far more effective than generic templates which MP’s generally do not respond to. They are designed to draw attention and provoke thoughtful responses from MPs, ensuring your concerns are acted on!

“It is so easy to pressure my MP  and even better when I got a reply!” – Harry

Why Write

With the UK election coming up on July 4th, writing to your MP is a powerful way to shape policy. Direct engagement can influence MPs to take action. Let them know that your vote will consider their stance on Palestine and recent events in Rafah.

Act Now

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