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Do Something Good

At Click.Post.Change, we understand that the climate crisis isn't just a future problem – it's a now emergency.

Subscribe Today: Empower Your Voice Your concerns about climate change deserve to be heard. Join a community committed to making a difference. Each month, we draft a letter for you, once you’ve had the chance to edit it, we post it to your local MP.

Personalized, Powerful, and Persuasive Our letters are not mere templates. They are your voice, amplified and articulated, carrying the weight of your concerns directly to those who can make a change.

Why Wait? The Time to Act is Now The window to influence climate policy is narrowing. Each letter you send is a step towards a more responsive democracy and a healthier planet. Don’t let this moment pass. Your voice can shape the future.

Together, We Can Influence Change Your MP needs to know that you care, that the community cares. Join us in this collective push for policy changes that can safeguard our environment.

How it Works...

1. Sign Up

We collect basic information including who your local MP is! Plus tell us anything important you would like us to include in your letter! Remember you can cancel at any time!

2. Create

Each month our team of experts will create a unique letter on your behalf. We aim to educate, lobby and respond to news. We'll also mention anything you want to include.

3. Edit

Once the letter is created you have one week to log in and make any changes you want. Fancy adding a personal touch? Want to include any news or mention another cause?

4. Post

The letter is posted to you MP. You can then log back in and let us know if you have had a response and update us on anything you would like to say in your next letter.

Limited Early Member Price…

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£0.99 for the first month!

Why Writing Creates Change?

Writing to your local MP (Member of Parliament) is a pivotal action in a democratic system. It ensures that your voice is directly represented at the highest levels of government, potentially influencing policy and legislative decisions. 

By communicating your views and concerns, you hold your MP accountable, reminding them of their duty to their constituents. Moreover, such engagement bolsters the very foundations of democracy, promoting a culture of openness and continuous dialogue between officials and the public.

“Regardless of your MP’s party and regardless of whether you voted for them or not, they have to represent you and respond to your communications. Your MP may not always agree with you, and you them, and indeed they may represent you in ways that you do not agree with, but, it is still their job to explain to you why.”

- Amnesty International

“It’s your MP’s job to make your voice heard in Parliament whether you voted for them or not. They represent their local area and can raise concerns of local people”

- Shelter

“Your MP has a responsibility to you as a constituent to represent you and your concerns. That’s what they’re elected to do, even if your MP is of a different political leaning to you.”

- The Big Issue

Letters & Responses


Click.Post.Change is a platform designed to empower individuals by simplifying communication with local MPs. We craft personalized letters addressing your concerns and ensure they’re delivered directly to your representative.

When you subscribe to Click.Post.Change, you’ll provide us with details about your concerns and your local MP. Each month, we draft a letter on your behalf and, after your approval, send it to your MP. The subscription fee is charged monthly.

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke letter-writing service. Each letter is tailored to reflect your specific concerns, ensuring an authentic representation of your voice.

Yes, you can. Once the letter is drafted, you’ll have a week to log in, review, and make any desired modifications before it’s sent out.

We provide a notification system to inform you when your letter has been delivered. Additionally, if there’s any response or acknowledgment from your MP, we’ll update you accordingly.

While we can’t guarantee a response from every MP, many of our users have reported receiving feedback or acknowledgement from their representatives. MP’s don’t generally reply to templated or ‘Copy & Paste’ letters our unique ones encourage engagement.

While we have a particular focus on climate change, you’re free to address any topic or concern you believe is important. Our goal is to ensure your voice is heard on the matters close to your heart.

Absolutely. We prioritise the privacy and security of our users. Your personal information is used solely for the purpose of crafting and delivering your letters and will never be shared with third parties without your consent.

Subscribers are charged on a monthly basis. The exact date will correspond to your initial subscription date.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. There are no long-term commitments, and you have complete control over your participation.

As of now, our primary focus is on climate change. However, we’re actively considering expanding to other topics soon. If you have suggestions or topics you’d like us to cover in the future, please get in touch. Your input will be invaluable in shaping our direction!

You can log into your account on our platform and update your preferences or topics of concern at any time.

If you move, simply update your location details in your account, and we’ll adjust our records to ensure your letters reach the MP of your new constituency.

Click.Post.Change operates independently and doesn’t have affiliations with any political parties or organizations. Our primary commitment is to our users and ensuring their voices are authentically represented.

At Click.Post.Change, sustainability is at the core of our operations. Not only do we advocate for action on climate change, but we also ensure our own practices reflect that commitment. We utilize sustainably sourced paper for our letters and continuously seek ways to lessen our environmental footprint. We believe in leading by example and strive to make a positive impact both through our platform and in our daily operations.


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